Train your pitbull and stop annoying behavior problems

From: Jason Mann CPDT-KA, ABCDT
Owner & Top Dog K9 Training Solutions
Friday 3:42pm
Lexington, Kentucky

Dear Friend,

I'm not a professional writer. I'm a Pit Bull owner, fancier of Pit Bulls, and a professional dog trainer but what I have to say is so important that I decided to sit down to write you this message the best way I know.

Lately I've had a lot of people asking me about Pit Bull ownership and how to raise a well behaved Pit Bull. Even though I tried sitting down to write a well thought out article with proper grammar I can't do it. So I finally figured I would talk to you as if we were sitting down enjoying a cup of coffee together.

I'd like to tell you about the most important thing every Pit Bull owner can do for their dogs.


So what is the big secret? Obedience training. Simple right? Well after receiving literally thousands of email's asking how to raise a well behaved Pit Bull it was apparently clear, to me at least, that obedience training was being over looked by the majority of Pit Bull owners.


Obedience training along with giving your Pit Bull rules to follow will solve 99% of the behavior problems you will face and make training your Pit Bull easier than you ever imagined.

If you're like most owners you're looking for a way to train your dog and solve behavior problems while earning their respect without hurting them or "forcing them".

By the time you finish reading this letter you will not only know why most training methods are harmful but you will also discover:

  • How you can have a well behaved Pit Bull by tapping into their natural instincts.
  • How to train your Pit Bull without hitting them, yelling at them, or touching them...EVER
  • Why 95% of the advice you get about training your Pit Bull is dead wrong.
  • How to easily communicate with your Pit Bull. This alone makes life so much easier.
  • How to maintain good behaviors forever using simple positive methods.

Before we get to that though I would like to tell you a little more about myself. I have been working with dogs for 10 years now. I am a professional dog trainer living in Lexington, Ky. I am certified by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and Animal Behavior College (ABCDT). I have worked with hundreds of dogs. It just so happens my breed of choice is the American Pit Bull Terrier (aka the Pit Bull).

I started learning about training when I purchased a little Pit Bull puppy who I named Angel. Angel was, well, a challenge for me and at the time I had no idea about training or the incredible hysteria surrounding Pit Bulls.

Angel was a nipping nightmare. She would bite, nip, knaw, chew, and it was not easy to get a handle on. I decided I needed some help so I hired an obedience trainer who came to my house once a week and we started working with Angel.


After two lessons Angel was scared of me. I didn't understand what was going on. I was doing everything I was told to do. It dawned on me that the method of training I was being taught was ruining my dog. She was not mature enough for corrections using a prong collar so I chucked the prong collar into the garbage and started learning about positive training.


After a few short days Angel was back to normal, loving training, and I really enjoyed training her. Over the next few years I worked with Angel and created what is now one of the largest Pit Bull related web sites online, Pit Bull Lovers.

Through Pit Bull Lovers I starting receiving hundreds of emails about training. Things like how to train them to sit, stay, lay down, stop jumping, mouthing and a host of other behavior issues. Honestly, I was humbled and quite frankly I was overwhelmed. I started receiving thousands of emails per week and I simply could not answer them all.


This leads me to why I'm writing you today. In my wildest dreams I can not answer every single question that I receive about training Pit Bulls. So I decided to sit down and put all my training methods, handling principles, and behavior modification tips into one, simple, easy to follow, guide. Thus, The Pit Bull Training Handbook was created.

If Training Your Pit Bull Were a Puzzle The Pit Bull Training Handbook Would Be The Pieces That Hold it All Together

After nearly ruining my dogs with compulsion training (aka force training) I discovered how to use their natural drives, along with motivation to create a one-two knock out punch that makes training so much more fun and less stressful.


Once I discovered these techniques I immediately started applying them and my dogs behavior changed virtually over night. Needless to say I was sold. I use these techniques on a daily basis in my dog training business and when it comes to Pit Bulls they work like a charm.


Through working with my own dogs and many other Pit Bulls I discovered three things. They are:

  • Pit Bulls do not need harsh or forceful handling in order to train them.
  • Pit Bulls have above average "prey drive" and you can tap into this to make training a breeze.
  • Pit Bulls are highly trainable, smart dogs, that with some positive reinforcement and well timed praise can do almost anything you ask them to.

Inside The Pit Bull Training Handbook I share the exact methods I used to save my relationship with my own dogs along with how to make sure you do not make the same mistakes I did.


Not only did training basic behaviors like the sit and the down become easier but behavior problems became a thing of the past.

Wouldn't be Nice to Stop These
Annoying Behaviors Forever?

  • Chewing: Pit Bulls are life long chewers. This section will show you how to safely teach your dog what is okay to chew and what is not.

  • Jumping: One of the most frequently asked training questions I receive is, "how do I stop my dog from jumping?" You'll learn how to keep your dogs paws on the floor in no time flat.

  • Leash Pulling: Tired of sore muscles? When you use this method for leash training you get lasting long term results.

  • Not Coming when called: The Recall is literally a life-saving obedience behavior every dog owner should teach their dog. You'll be envied by others when you call your dog one time and they come without hesitation.

  • Nipping and Mouthing: Using the tips in this section will save you and your fingers a lot of pain.

  • Using the bathroom in the house: I personally house trained my dogs using these exact same methods in 7 days. While I can't guarantee it, I'm confident you'll get similar results too.

The Pit Bull Training Handbook will give you the power to eliminate these behaviors virtually overnight. Positive reinforcement along with teaching your dog an alternative behavior has been proven to help solve behavior problems (even really severe problems like aggression) in less time and with less stress on your dog.

Who Else Wants Their Pit Bull to Come When
Called Without Having to Chase Them Down?

As I told you earlier Angel was becoming scared of me because of the training methods I was using. I hated the feeling that I was causing her stress and this resulted in lack luster obedience. Coming when called was especially difficult because she didn't trust me anymore.


After re-training her to come to me when I called her using the methods outlined in The Pit Bull Training Handbook the result was nothing short of amazing.


Watch this video clip of Angel and her recall: click here to see Angel coming when called while off leash. The video opens in a new window. Once you're done watching close the window and continue reading.


You can get the same results without having to fight or chase your dog around. After only a few sessions I'm confident your dog will trust you more and, this is important, they will also want to come back to you when called.

What separates a good response to coming when called from a great response to coming when called?

Motivation. You'll learn how to create motivation in your dog so they seek you out instead of you having to play stop and go with them all day.

Here is a "Sneak Peak" at What You Will Learn
Inside The Pit Bull Training Handbook

You'll learn:

  • The Three Phases all Dog Training Follows. (Page 17)
  • Why positive training works best with Pit Bulls. (Page 7)
  • How to teach your dog basic obedience (sit, down, come when called, stay, leash manners) commands. (starts on page 46)
  • How to solve common behavior problems from chewing to leash pulling it's covered in detail. (Page 90)
  • How to build your own spring pole with color photos of my set up, costs, and supplier information. (Page 116)
  • How to help teething puppies and relieve their need to chew on everything in sight. (Page 80)
  • Setting a strong foundation for obedience and manners. (Page 11)
  • Dog aggression explained. Dealing with the Dog Aggressive Pit Bull Terrier. (Page 105)
  • How to easily Crate Train Your Pit Bull (works with Puppies and Older Dogs) (Page 81)

Now you can tap into years of result based training techniques and information.

Everything is presented in a crystal clear, step-by-oh-so-careful-step manner so you absorb the information and apply it.

You Won't Want to Miss Out on This

Included with your purchase of The Pit Bull Training Handbook is a lifetime membership to the Pit Bull Lovers Private Forum.

The Pit Bull Lovers Private forum gives you access to not only me, but to other Pit Bull owners.

You can ask me questions about Pit Bulls and since I check the forum daily you will get a quick answer.

Other members will also supply information assistance. This is a community made up of Pit Bull owners and the knowledge in this forum is priceless.

There are sections devoted to my training style, principles, and core methods. I go into detail about the training information inside The Pit Bull Training Handbook. Offer troubleshooting advice, and explain the "little" things that people often miss when training their Pit Bull.

It's packed with knowledge and help for you to tap into.

Think of it as your own private Pit Bull University. From training to diet you can find the answers to your tough questions when you need them.


Access to the forum is normally $27 a year. You get lifetime access with your purchase today at no additional charge.

Click the image to play samples of actual lessons (Flash must be enabled)

Exclusive Access to the
Pit Bull Training Video Library

How would you like to have your own personal training coach available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? That would be cool right? The Pit Bull Training Video Library is as close to a private one on one lesson with me as you can get without me actually being there with you.

I approach each video lesson just as if I was there with you. Showing you examples, explaining why I am doing what I am doing, and giving you a clear example of the training methods and principles you will find inside the Pit Bull Training Handbook.

Inside the Pit Bull Training Video Library there are 15 exciting video lessons currently available and I am adding more all the time.

Here's a sampling of what you will learn inside the library:

  • How to introduce the food lure and teach your Pit Bull to sit. Your Pit Bull will be sitting like a competitive obedience champion in no time flat.
  • How to train your Pit Bull to lay down without forcing the dog into position or repeating yourself a dozen times.
  • How to build and maintain your Pit Bull's focus even while under heavy distractions.
  • How to teach your Pit Bull to go to their "place" on command. This behavior is an excellent way to get your dog to stop jumping on guests.
  • The Theory of my training style explained in detail. I go beyond mere exercises. I share my knowledge with you so you are able to take what you learn and use it for life.
  • How to teach your Pit Bull to come when called every time you call them.

There will be much more added to the library over the years. You get it complete, unrestricted access to the entire library of video lessons at no extra cost.


I currently rent these video lessons for $5-$15 dollars each. They are included free with your purchase of The Pit Bull Training Handbook.

Don't Take My Word For it
Here's What Others Had to Say...

Axel, a customer of the Pit Bull Training Handbook "I LOVE The Pit Bull Training Handbook, and it's an invaluable tool!

This is my Pit Bull. His name is Axel, and he's about 11 months old. He lives in Newport Beach and shares space with his owners, and 2 cats.

He used to eat sofas, but Jason Mann's training book helped his owners realize he was just bored. He's VERY attentive, has a great sense of humor, and he doesn't want anyone to know the cats actually rule the house.

Also, he wants tennis balls for Christmas, because his bucket of 100+ balls has dwindled down to about 50, and that just isn't enough!"

- Sincerely,
Michelle Hoagland

New, new a customer of the Pit Bull Training Handbook "Hi Jason, I am so glad I ordered your book. It is excellent. I read it (with just a few interruptions from Lily-my pit bull) in a couple of hours. I took a break one time to teach her your technique of lying down.

She got it the first time! She's very smart if I have to say so myself. She is a rescue puppy from the Humane Society in the city I live in. She is 4mo. old.

I've had her 8wks. She is a handful, but much loved by her new family. I look forward to reading the other material from you and looking at your videos."

Thanks again,
Karen Haddock

New, new a customer of the Pit Bull Training Handbook Hi Jason,

"My name is Novella Myers and I recently signed up to be a member of your site.

I then got the Pit Bull Training Tips for 5 days and I must say that I noticed improvement in New New's behavior almost immediately.

While she's still just a puppy (9 weeks old) she now sits on command and will remain there for at least 2 minutes. And she also waits for her food, she used to practically knock bag of food out of my hand and now she's just as well mannered as can be expected (for her age).

But I just have to tell you that I was at the end of my rope as far as her behavior was concerned and then I got you book and it just put everything into perspective for me.

I just want to thank you and New New thank's you as well!!

And I am quite sure you will be hearing from me again with more praises and of course questions.....Thank you again and have a good night."

Novella Myers

Jason's book can be used to train ANY dog but I highly recommend it for Pit Bulls. I have read his book, front to back, at least 3 times; and I still refer to it. With that said, my husband Rick, myself and Launi have accomplished incredible things in less than 3 weeks. Let me tell you.

I used the Introducing Your Puppy. I have 8 dogs. Bringing in a 22 pound puppy with energy, playfulness and strength made it crucial to follow his instructions. I left that page open on my kitchen counter for 3 days. It is important to pay close attention to everything he writes; because it works.

I would like to say if you follow Jason Mann's book, you will have a very happy, balanced and trained dog. Remember the things he writes are tried and tested. Train your Pit. Exercise your Pit. Create boundaries and limitations and last but not least, love the heaven out of your dog!

Ms. Glen Leslie

"Last April my husband and I adopted a 2 year old pittie from a shelter. We had each had dogs growing up but no experience whatsoever with this breed! Thank God for Jason Mann! The book provided certain clear directives, in more detail than we could find elsewhere, which helped right away with the heel and other training/behavior issues.

The website, with the hundreds of other pitbull lovers (somehow, you can't help but fall in love with these dogs) including the site "supervisors" who have loads of experience was critical, when it became clear that our baby had some dominance/aggression problems to solve, and we might have given up, but for their input.

We are working with a local trainer now as well, but that's only once per week, so the videos are crucial. We watched the first one last night. There are some things (like TIMING) which no matter how much you write about it, must be demonstrated in real time, as well as position, and dog body language which you can see on video.

Jason's approach is rigorous, and consistent, but not uptight or haughty, so it's clear that the training experience is a happy one for both the owner and the dog."

Diane Sare

"On the first training session my hyperactive, but friendly 10 month old America Pit Bull rescue shelter dog is already following the sit and lay down and just starting to obey the stay command and is now walking on a leash almost like a show dog and fetches a bone. We have only owned him for 5 days now.

Pit Bulls are very challenging and sometimes their behavior is very confusing. However, we can see his potential to be a great family member, but without a training manual, videos and other instruction we wouldn't know what to do when problem behavior arises. In my opinion, it would be a huge mistake to not get the training manual first before even getting your Pit Bull."

- Thanks,
Ben and Kayla and Brutus

"Dear Jason,

I wanted to personally thank you for your dedication to the Pit Bull breed. There are many training books out there, but I knew when I was looking for one I wanted one that was specific to the breed, not just a general training handbook.

As you know, the Pit Bull has a very distinct personality which requires special attention and needs. That is why when I came across your website and book, I knew immediately that it was what I had been searching for.

By purchasing your book, not only did I receive step by step instructions, advice, and tips (specific to the breed), on training my new Pit Bull with positive reinforcement (which is perfect for this breed), but I was found that I had membership access to an entire network of other Pit Bull owners whom I could contact for other opinions and advice, and whom I could share mine with as well.

It is like the pool of Pit Bull specific info doesn't end. I now find that I have access to audio training.

Anyone could use this training info for whatever kind of dog, but if you are a Pit Bull owner, or are even thinking about owning one, this is the only way to go.

Thank you again, and Maya is learning quick, and very responsive to the training methods that I have learned (once I get her attention ;)."

Fellow Pit Bull Lover,
Issac Adams

"Jason, I just can't get over his response to all of this. He even seems to be happier which in turn makes me extremely happy and satisfied with everything I have done with him and everything that he has accomplished. Your training tips have really made a difference for me and my little guy and for that I want to thank you again.

Even though I had been working with him prior to this, he had never responded like he did with your training techniques.

My little guy no longer seems to be nervous to come to me and all of the positive reinforcement has done wonders for the both of us.

I have been around the breed for a long time, but have never been able to train my own companion right from the beginning. With all of your help, you have made this experience a great one. "

Best Regards
Kathy, and my little Buddy Boy
Ontario Canada


I got your book. It is a wonderful source of information. I will be ordering another one today for someone that is taking care of 4 rescue pit bulls.

Your book contains all the necessary information on how to properly take of our pit bulls. It is easy to read and it is filled with tons of important guidelines and tips.

Thank you so much for your excellent work with this breed that I also love so much."



I just purchased The Pit bull Training Handbook and finished reading for the first of many times that I will read the book.

Since it is in a digital format, I can leave the Adobe program minimized while I am working and go back and forth as I can. After reading, I have realized all of the mistakes that I am making with my 11 week old Nudge and feel like I am a more aware and smarter pitbull owner.

I have purchased several books on the internet that said they would help with problem areas only to feel like I was ripped off. Your book is full of valuable information that made me very aware. THANK YOU!!!"

Stephen Greene

The Pit Bull Training Handbook Difference

You may have seen other training books for Pit Bulls on the web. Have you ever emailed the author asking them to provide you with credentials? Maybe you asked them about their experience with the breed and training Pit Bulls. I have, and not a single one of them has ever emailed me back with an answer.


I am a professional dog trainer. My dogs get kibble and I get corn flakes because I train dogs every single day. You can check my credientials, you can email me and I will answer, once you order you can post in the forum and I will answer. I do not hide or pretend to be something I am not.


Owning a Pit Bull does not make someone an expert. If that were the case, you would be an expert. What makes The Pit Bull Training Handbook different is, not only is the information proven to be highly effective, but the information is given to you by a qualified, certified, professional who can back up what they say.


Many years ago a good friend of mine told me, "Jason, be careful who you listen to, there are a lot of people just out to make a buck who really don't have any clue about the subject they are teaching."

His point was, there are "experts" and then there are professionals who really are what they say they are.


You should not have to worry that you are spending your money on something that may or may not be correct. I can tell you, without hestitation, the training you will learn inside The Pit Bull Handbook will blow any other online or offline Pit Bull training product out of the water.


Within 5 Minutes You Can Start Training Your Pit Bull

This is important so read it carefully...


The Pit Bull Training Handbook is an electronic book (Ebook).


An electronic book or "e-book" is a digital book you download immediately. You don't have to wait a week for it to arrive in your mailbox. You can download the book and read it within 5 to 10 minutes after placing your order.


I want to make this clear, you will not receive an actual printed book.


When you place your order you will be sent an email with the location and instructions on how to download and read The Pit Bull Training Handbook. You will also be given the password and username for the Private Pit Bull Lovers Forum.


A Well Trained Pit Bull is Just Around the Corner


By now you must be wondering "how much is all of this going to cost"?


Actually, it's not a cost; it's an investment in your Pit Bull.

Listen, people pay me fees to help them train their dogs... $100 for one hour of personal one-on-one training to be exact.


Why so expensive?


Simple: I don't sugarcoat anything, I tell it like it is and then provide easy-to-follow instructions that steer you around all the headaches and road blocks associated with training your Pit Bull.


In The Pit Bull Training Handbook I spill the beans completely... every scrap of knowledge and insider tips I have to share about training. Including powerful, proven tactics that I use on a daily basis in my professional dog training business.


A complete ready-to-use resource. It stops the frustration and you are now training your Pit Bull faster and easier than ever. Then, you come back stronger, wiser, and with solid skills you can apply to maintain your dogs behavior.


Not to mention reclaiming the respect of your dog and your sanity.


But you don't have to pay me $100 an hour because I'm making this available for everyone who needs it.


I couldn't personally work with the enormous population of Pit Bull owners around the world anyway.


Make no mistake, the quality and volume of information you will receive is at least TEN TIMES the money you would spend on a dog trainer who may or may not be pro-Pit Bull... I couldn't bring myself to put a high price on this offer anyway. (Even though my friends and family said that I could easily ask $100 or more)


So here's the deal...


Claim your digital copy of The Pit Bull Training Handbook: Just $37!


The fact is, I could just sell each piece of this offer separately. But it wouldn't feel right.


That's because it's vital to share this exclusive Pit Bull training offer with people who will truly apply it. And even if I only help one person train their Pit Bull, all the months of time and effort it took to write The Pit Bull Training Handbook and put together all the extra gifts will be worth it.


Now, if you've read this entire letter, it's obvious we're talking "peanuts" for the training know-how you will be acquiring and putting into action. Access to proven, time tested, training methods you can use again and again. Skills that will help you maintain your dogs behavior for years to come! Knowledge you can share to help others in need.


But that ain't all...


I assume all the risk.


Look, if you're ready to train your Pit Bull and get results, the last thing you need is more stress. That's why I'm taking the pressure off with a full 45 day guarantee, as well.


Now some people offer a money back guarantee hoping you'll forget about it. But I want you to go take a look at your calendar. Then circle the day 45 days from today.


Go on, do it. I'm serious.

Picture what your life will be looking like 45 days from now. Seriously, play with me a little here.


You are out for a walk with your dog and they are behaving nicely. You're relaxed, calm... almost zen-like. Feels liberating without all the stress doesn't it?


What does it look like now when your family or friends come over? Not the sheer panic and dread that made you want to crawl under the bed. In fact, nowadays it's like a party!


And when you look out a little farther, you know you and your dog can perform at a much higher level. You now have a well behaved dog that listens to you readily and quickly.


After all, you blasted through your dogs behavior problems and turned their training around. Now you can smell the roses.


It's easy to see all you can achieve in another 45 days. Your friends are impressed with the change in your dogs behavior. So is your family. In fact... no one gives you any flack at all anymore... (SHHHH, they're actually envious of your new found skill!)


That's how you should be feeling 45 short days from now. All of your dogs behavior problems aren't going to disappear overnight, but they will be healthy and vibrant... the days where you are not sure how to deal with them are gone forever. And that's a great start, right?


So if you're not feeling like a great weight has been lifted within 45 days of investing in The Pit Bull Training Handbook and free gifts, if the future doesn't look a whole lot brighter, contact me immediately and you get every nickel back. No hassles, no delay, no questions asked.


Because if you are not released from the frustration and stress that comes with worrying about your dogs behavior, I didn't delivered for you or you haven't tried. In either case you didn't get enough value. And I simply can't live with that.


Let's Recap What You'll Receive Today

This is one monster Pit Bull training package. There's never been a more comprehensive solution to the problem of solving your Pit Bulls behavior problems and helping you train them. I can guarantee you that.


The Pit Bull Training Handbook: Over 100 pages of Pit Bull training information. You will learn how to teach your Pit Bull to sit, lay down, come when called, and how to pay attention anywhere, anytime. You will also find information about how to train for the springpole, where to go for supplies, and how to stop annoying behavior problems easier than ever. (Previous sold for $37)


Lifetime Access to the Private Pit Bull Lovers Forum: Access to a community of like minded Pit Bull owners who you can talk with, share pictures of your dog with, and get answers to your questions from. Yearly access to this forum was sold for $27 per year. (Easily $2000)


Lifetime Access to the Online Video Training Library: Access to online training video lessons. Hours of video training at your fingertips 24 hours a day 7 days a week for life. (Easily worth $3,000)


That's an honest $3,046 in value for just $37


Not to mention the comfort of a 45 day zero-pressure money back guarantee.


Don't Decide Now...
Try It Out for 45 Days First

(Hint: I want you to make me prove it to you)


I'm so confident The Pit Bull Training Handbook will help you train your dog that I'm willing to assume all the risk.


You get a no-hassle 45 Day Zero-Pressure Guarantee. At any point in the next 45 days, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, all you have to do is send me an email asking for a refund and I'll give you a prompt and courteous refund - on the spot!


That's how confident I am that you'll be over-joyed with your investment.

NOTE: No refunds will be issued if you were "mistaken" and thought you were getting an actual printed book.


I look forward to chatting with you at the forum!

Order The Pit Bull Training Handbook Today

Yes! Jason, I am going to order for $37 today and give the information in The Pit Bull Training Handbook an honest shot. I also understand this is an e-book and I will not be getting a printed book in the mail.

Fill out the form and place your order

100% Money Back Guarantee - If you are not satisfied, just e-mail me and I will give you a no hassle refund within the first 45 days!

Official PayPal Seal


Jason Mann


P.S. Remember, you get an iron-clad 45 day money back guarantee. If The Pit Bull Training Handbook isn't everything I said, just let me know and I will give you a prompt, hassle free refund will be taken care of without any questions guaranteed. I don't believe in hiding out so you can't ask for a refund.


P.P.S Have you ever conquered a critical problem in any area of your life? How wonderful did that feel? Do you remember? Makes you feel almost superhuman. That's what learning how to conquer your Pit Bulls training feels like. You don't have time to "think about it" if you're having problems right now. If you do, your choices will start evaporating. I know from experience.